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Thread: Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

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    Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

    Hello, I have a Samsung Series 3 Laptop, which recently I needed to replace the hard drive. what I am trying to do is to try and set it up as it was when new. I was hoping to reimage it with the System Recovery Disc that came with the machine, but it will not let me create a system recovery partition. Because of that I cannot re-install the Samsung Recovery Solution software.
    I googled this and every solution requires that the Recovery partition be available. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

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    Re: Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

    Do you still have the old hard drive, and if yes, can it be accessed at all, or is it totally dead? It might be possible to copy the partition over from the old drive. If that won't work, check out the following link:

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    Re: Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

    Hi JDC, The old drive is dead. When I read the info on the page you linked, I find it very confusing, that being said I'll re-read it and see if I can do what they are suggesting.
    Thanks for the reply

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    Re: Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

    More highly technical and confusing links that may provide a means to get your recovery partition set up:

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    Re: Reimaging A Samsung Laptop

    Thanks, for the info. You are correct about confusing and technical. I may need to get my neighbor's kid to give me a hand with this.
    I'll see what I can do first,Again thanks for your help!

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