Buying the correct pair of shoes for CrossFit & cross training is very important for a number of reasons, but mainly to prevent injury. Choosing the best CrossFit shoes and cross training shoes Nike Air Max Zero Dam Nike Air Max 90 Mujer Negro is Nike Air Max 1 Donne Blu normally time consuming, even searching on-line takes a long time and considering the range of options the whole process can become tiring.
Below are two charts each with our recommended top five CrossFit sneakers & cross training sneakers for men and women, We will be keeping each chart up dated on a regular basis, so when you need to buy your next pair of sneakers for CrossFit or cross training, the chart will have changed with a new top 5 best on the market list.We purchase and started to test the nano 6.0 back in July, normally we test it for a week then give our verdict.
This time we decided it might be better if we put the new nano through its paces before giving our opinion. Its now October and the testing is over, we have enjoyed the process and the new nano is defiantly a fun shoe but is it the best?

The new nano Asics Gel Lyte 5 Homme takes Nike Air Max 1 Mujer Azul a Nike Air Max 2017 Dames lot of good qualities from the 5.0 especially the Kevlar material that is still going strong in my 5s. The shoe looks and feels more modern than the 5 and this is a welcome attribute.

The best thing about the nano 6.0 is its ability to improve your performance, Ive never had a shoe be so effective and this is pretty much all round with every exercise. I normally get hung up on how a shoe looks, what color is best for me and sometimes the price but the new nano has made me laser focused on the only important aspect of a shoe Performance.The launch of the Metcon by Nike in 2015 had a mixed reaction! The die hard nano fans quick to declare their dislike of just about every aspect. The strong following of Nike products thrilled to see a shoe designed just for cross training hitting the market and most of the in-between just Nike Air Max 2016 Womens wondering if the shoe is any good?

We tested the shoe for a solid two weeks and we love it but we felt the nano was still one step ahead. So what about the Metcon 2? has Nike make another move forward to try and dominate the cross training market? or is it still just not good enough?

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The metcon 2 was realest in the USA on the 23rd of Jan 2016. We have only been testing it for ten days but so far we think its a better shoe than the 1st edition. We like a number of the new features and its tricky to choose between the nano 5 and the metcon 2 both shoes do a very good job when it comes to Cross Training.