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    Hello All,

    I need some advice.

    My brother got married to a foriegn national abroad and had his wedding in that country in February of last year. He then brought his wife over here in July.

    Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse early on in the marriage and she walked out on him after a month of living with him after she discovered the full extent of his mental health issues. ( he has a mild form of schrizophenia ). Yes, she should've been made aware of the condition before agreeing to the marriage but we thought he was on top of it . Over time she had been goading and getting at him, and the stress caused by that triggered a mini relapse of sorts. The morality of whether she should've been told this from the beginning is a topic for discussion another time but right now, I want to ensure my brother's assets are secured. Due to her unfamilairty with this condition, she left and now we are worried that she is working out how she can remain in the country and/if she can get any monies out of him.

    Things have been up in the air between them for nearly a month and it doesn't look likely things will be resolved. As a foreign national married to a British national , what rights does she have over him and his assets ? The flat he bought was bought with a mortgage and the deposit has been registered with a deed of trust which states the deposit monies are to be refunded back to our mother were the flat was to be sold. So as far as Im aware the deposit monies are secured and she cannot touch that. She can only claim on what he has paid down on his mortgage debt to date which is approx 700 as of this month.

    Can someone advise what the official position is on a situation like this ?



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    Re: Divorce

    I have no knowledge of this BUT - Marrying a UK Citizen - this describes foreign nationals entering the UK to MARRY a UK Citizen. Not too sure about marriages outside the UK qualifying her for citizenship???

    Best idea would be to put that side of your problem to the Immigration Department. Did she have an entry Visa??

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    Re: Divorce

    Has the wedding been registered in this country?

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