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    Greetings, not sure where to post this (I had windows 10 home) I said had because someone decided they were going to "help" they somehow put win 10 pro on this pc and now it's locked. I can't do anything to fix it because it needs administrator password which I don't remember(I always logged on auto) can't boot to safe mode, can't use cmd prompt, can't do system restore,nothing I try will unlock this pc (not even microsoft account). No I don't have a recovery disc( win 10 home was downloaded because I originally had win 7 home) Others have said there are third party tools that I could use but I'm kinda hesitant.I trust you guys here and I appreciate your opinion and help. If there are third party tools (and free or at least trial versions) I'm all ears.And thnx for the help. (My tip of the day don't let anyone on your pc lol)

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    Two other tips: write down any administrator passwords when you set up a PC and learn to make images. If the hard drive dies or your computer gets borked by a well meaning friend, restore with the most recent image.

    You can use the media creation tool to download a Win 10 ISO (use the first link in the download section)
    Download Windows 10 - MajorGeeks

    Since your computer is out of commission, perhaps your friend will download it and create the DVD for you.

    I don't run Windows 10 so wait for someone that does to see if this is a good build to use.

    You can also use this small exe file
    Download Microsoft Windows ISO Download Tool - MajorGeeks
    to download an ISO of Win 7 home if you need one.
    The ISOs are useless unless you have a serial number.

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