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Thread: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

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    Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    I am author of a free optimization plugin for WordPress that is used by over 10,000 websites. Users have expressed their appreciation for the plugin that enables WordPress websites to achieve a good performance quality for SEO (including a Google PageSpeed 100 score).

    wordpress org/plugins/above-the-fold-optimization/

    The Above The Fold plugin started as a tool that was used for professional Google PageSpeed optimization services. It has grown to a more mature plugin, making it easier to achieve and maintain a Google PageSpeed 100 score and to achieve the best website (frontend) performance.

    WordPress turns evil for no apparent reason

    I was getting some bad vibes and a moderator has provided angry comments to my WordPress support topics (in which I tried to help WordPress users as best as I could). He makes it look as if I was advertising something in my signature, while that was not the case.

    I signed all my posts with the following simple signature:Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap
    info@pagespeed.proThe signatures have been replaced by a link to WordPress rules that state the following:
    Using your profile for advertisement in posts unrelated to your themes and plugins is discouraged. This includes signature links and URLs in display names.codex wordpress org/Forum_Welcome#Signatures

    I was not advertising anything and besides that, it was my plugin. Other users use the same type of signatures, even in the topic where the moderator replied and commanded me to never post "those signatures" again.

    wordpress org/support/topic/bad-directory-structure-logic-for-proxy-scripts/

    To make it worse, they restricted my WordPress access so that comments need to be moderated before they are posted. Apparently to show me that they do not trust me.

    How could they treat me so disrespectfully?

    I provide a free plugin that improves SEO and performance for which many users are thankful and I was providing free support on the forums, that costs a lot of my time.

    Regrettably, I am attacked by the Dutch Government because I stood for truth. I was author of a city platform called "I Love City Name" with over 500,000 users and I wrote a blog to expose crimes by the Government that has been read by over 1 million people in The Netherlands. The Government has never responded and hides in silence.

    I am 100% honest and I have done nothing wrong.

    It seems that this situation may be related to my problems with the Government and that politics got to WordPress management to attack me and make me look bad.

    I hope that someone on this forum could provide some advise. I just want to do a good thing and provide a great service. It would be terrible if politics could come between that.

    Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    Surely you'd be better off taking this up with WP at a higher level if this were the true case?

    Sorry to be a skeptic but screenshots can be altered and maybe you are here to advertise your product? Why would you come here to ask such a question when you should theoretically be pretty Au fait with WP yourself?

    You have also managed to advertise your blog and believe somehow the government are in cahoots with WP.

    I smell a rat.

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    Hi Woomeister,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have no intend to spam or to misinform about facts that have occurred. As a fellow webmaster / webdeveloper I want to share my experience so that it may benefit others.

    Regarding the signature, I did not provide it for self interest and nothing was advertised. The signature "name,email" was provided as a service for users to let them know who I was (a real name) + my email for (sensitive) information. Users often do not want to share a link to their website in a topic, so it would enable them to start a private conversation about an issue. The support topics were mostly about advanced technical issues such as Google PageSpeed optimization and often a user provided access to their websites and I helped them for free (to learn from and to make the plugin better).

    The email was intended as a shortcut for users to reach the author of the plugin. Something that is a service quality, not advertisement.

    According to the WordPress forum rules I did nothing wrong and would actually be allowed to make a small advertising in topics related to my own themes or plugins.

    Most users use the same signature: regards, name, email / website. Even in the topic that the moderator replied angrily as if I did something wrong, the support seeking user uses a similar signature:

    Name Surname
    Manager @ http //​ Therefor it is clear to me that it is intentional wrongdoing by the moderator / WordPress management. (I don't think that the moderator handles on his own).

    I am author of a WordPress plugin that receives appreciation by many users. I am developing several technologies that can be made available as a WordPress plugin, such as a plugin for real instant website speed + 99,9% real HTML data transfer saving for WordPress websites. Up to 1000x better result than Google AMP and Polaris from MIT.

    Those plugins, among which "Advanced WordPress Optimization" that offers up to 50x better speed and performance than existing plugins such as W3 Total Cache (professional level HTTP optimization for WordPress), make me believe that there must be a special interest from WordPress management in me as a plugin author. I therefor can't believe that the moderator did it randomly on his own. It is a clear attempt to make me look really bad to users.

    Users looking at the plugin will now think that I posted some form of spam under my support messages while I provided support completely free and with no benefit other than to help others.

    It is not logical what has happened. It is clearly an attempt to make me look as if I was spamming users.

    The free plugin has cost me a lot of time. A lot of extra time (beyond the needs for our professional service) to make WordPress users happy.

    As for the idea that the Government may be a force behind what happened. As described in my OT it may be possible. They have done similar attempts before (trying to destroy reputation).

    I wonder what could have motivated the moderator to do what he did. I was providing quality free support to users. I did not deserve to be positioned as a spammer.

    Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    Well, if what you say is true then I would do some digging and see what plugins have been released that are similar to yours. Then see if you can trace the devs, you may find the 'volunteer' admin may have a vested interest in wiping you off the map.

    You should also seek an explanation from somebody higher positioned than a volunteer admin.

    I still don't buy the govt angle as I think they would have much bigger fish to fry, and even if you were on their radar I can't see them getting WP to do anything on their behalf.

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    Hi Woomeister,

    Thanks a lot for your insight and advise!

    I simply can't believe that the moderator acted on his own and WordPress management is responsible for his actions.

    One other thing I want to note is that I was not provided with a warning and there was no previous interaction with the moderator. My account got blocked for 72 hours without notice.

    Many users use the exact same signature and those have been left untouched.

    Why would a moderator, without a warning or previous interaction, invest a significant effort to replace my signature with a link to anti-spam in 100 posts?

    Regarding the Government angle, they appear to believe that they can win by setting their goal at destroying my reputation. For that reason, it is for now the only option that I see as a possible motive as I do not believe that WordPress management could be corrupted easily because 1) I provide a quality service to the platform that users appreciate and 2) the many respectable users of the platform that it intends to serve (among which journalists and human rights activists).

    Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    I'm shocked at the moderators on there as well. I was getting support once in a plugin support forum and the plugin author asked for my link and I was nailed by a moderator when I was following the plugin author's instructions.

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    Hi Snakeair,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    My experience is contrary. Users have posted their link many times and often use the same signature as me but with the URL of their website. The links never got removed, not a single time.

    Even in the post above the post of the moderator the user shares his URL and his signature is the same as mine:

    Name Surname
    Manager @ http

    The signature of the user has been left untouched.

    Many users use a similar signature and post links and they have been ignored by the moderator. Listing my email as plugin author is different than an URL as it is a contact point essential for support communication.

    The link that replaces my signature links to information related advertisement on forums unrelated to my own themes and plugins, indicating that I must have posted severe spam for the moderator to act in the way he did.

    Why did the moderator ignore the signature of the other users? The motive could be to make it look as if I posted something else, an indication of evil intent.

    My WordPress account is already blocked for days, leaving support questions unanswered. My reply to the moderator is not published, leaving it censored.

    It is an evil deed by WordPress management that I regret very much. I have invested a ton of time in the free plugin. I expected a thank you and a friendly treatment and instead I get smeared as a spammer.

    I am truly 100% honest and have done nothing wrong. I have never advertised anything on WordPress forums.

    I am thankful that this forum offers the opportunity to discuss the situation!

    Best Regards,
    Jan Jaap

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    How many forums are you going to do the rounds of and post this same complaint about.

    In my experience, those who protest the loudest have something to hide and do not tell the fully story.

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    Re: Politics? WordPress management turns evil and attempts to make me look bad

    I started this topic on DigitalPoint. I once was a premium (paid) member but the post got suspended / awaiting moderation.

    I wasn't sure if the post would be posted and I decided to look further. I knew of this forum for many years so I decided to register an account and post the topic here as well.

    The DigitalPoint topic was approved and has received valuable feedback. I believe that both topics are valuable in a different way, because it reaches different but relevant users (webmasters / webdevelopers).

    I am just looking for feedback / advise. I have invested a lot of time to create a free WordPress plugin and instead of a thankyou I am smeared as a spammer, a sign that worse may come. Worse meaning that I can end up losing a lot of my time and effort.

    By discussing the situation externally and publicly it may lead to the most honest solution. It proves that I have nothing to hide.

    My reply to the moderator is censored until now. I am blocked from WordPress for several days already.

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