We would like to cooperate with your facebook pages as AReklam.

We see that your Facebook pages have a significant amount of followers.We provide video service to more than 400 Facebook pages and more than 750 websites in Turkey and in the world.
We provide you free website, mobile application and many free features to increase your income from your Facebook pages without doing nothing .

All you have to do is to share videos on your Facebook pages and get your visitors to watch videos to earn income.
You can review your income instantly through our panel and upload your videos in a short time and share them on your Facebook pages.

Payments are made on the last day of every month. For example; Your incomes for November are deposited to your account on the last day of December.

You can take a look at the features down below we offer you have an idea our profit model.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Services and features that we offer

Free Web Site

Sample Site : http://demo.ucretsizvideoscripti.com/#troia http://demo.ucretsizvideoscripti.com/#sigeion
Your ad placements updated for you to earn more. You can have a completely up-to-date and fast video site.

Mobile App for your site and facebook page ? http://videomatik.eu
You can earn from mobile ads with our Android and IOS apps, which we publish completely free for your site and your Facebook page.
You can also get your viewers to watch more videos and earn money by posting notifications like "Watch this video!" as Facebook and Twitter do.

GIF picture feature

You can use our link abbreviation service for free so that you can give more priority to the links you that share on your Facebook pages.

You can review our Link Abbreviation service: http://link4fb.net/

As you can see on Facebook, sharing on "GIF" pictures promotes more clicks. You can share these on your site with your start icon or with a GIF image.

Adblock control
Your videos will be watched by the user but will not make income on computers where Adblock, Adguard loaded. You can turn off the application with this feature on computers where this application is installed.
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